A Private Paradise

*Forget the crowds and the bustle - Atlantis Bay is situated on its own private beach, a long stretch of powder-white sand perfect for sunbathing and lazing in the sun. Take a dip in our house reef, rich with coral life, including resident baby Black Tip Reef Sharks. Schools of bumphead parrotfish often venture close to shore at evening time, making it perfect for night dives. The calm waters and clear visibility make the Atlantis Bay House Reef perfect for snorkellers and divers alike.

Comfortable Accommodations

Have you ever come back from a hard day's diving, only to have to sleep in rudimentary conditions and face a freezing midnight shower?

* It's a holiday, and we believe that you should be pampered. At Atlantis Bay, once your diving is done, retire to your comfortable quad-share bedroom for a well-deserved sleep. All rooms have attached bathrooms, and you will be provided with clean blankets, pillows, bedsheets, towels, and even environmentally friendly body soap and shampoo. Twin-share rooms can be arranged by request.

Dive Boats Custom-Built For Your Comfort

*Dive boats shouldn't just be things you jump into the water from; we believe that your trip to and from dive sites should be made as comfortable as possible. Our large. 56-foot custom-built dive boats were designed to be as spacious as possible, from a dive deck equipped to hold over 20 divers, each with individual tank racks, to the spacious sun deck for you to enjoy between dives. Cabins are also fully airconditioned with proper sleeping facilities.

Divers will be serviced by a friendly, experienced crew, and an onboard rinse tank with fresh water is available for photographers and videographers to wash their equipment in.

No Stomach Left Empty

*Buffet-style meals prepared by our resident chefs ensure that you'll never go hungry; the menu is too long to list, so feel free to write to us should you have any special dietary requirements we can make arrangements for. Feeling peckish? A constant supply of snacks and drinks is made available to choose from to your stomach's content. As a special treat, we now even provide ice-cream for dessert at dinner.

Because Every Breath is Precious

*Atlantis Bays takes stringent measures to ensure that all the air in your tanks is clean; by keeping track of the number of tanks filled, we are able to replace the air compressor filters according to recommended safety regulations. Feel free to visit our compressor room so you can see for yourself that the air you breath is as pure as the air you'll breath on our paradise island.

*Other safety measures we implement are oxygen tanks and medical first-aid kits permanently located both on board all dive boats as well as in the resort itself. Oxygen levels are constantly monitored to ensure a more than sufficient supply in case of emergency. Automated Emergency Defibrillators will be installed in the near future.

- Pulau Aur Atlantis Bay